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Besides providing a group of like-minded people with whom you can play the game the guild also provides access to

A personal bank that provides additional storage for your gear.
A shared guild bank that can provide access to free gear.
Vendors that sell items that are not available anywhere outside the stronghold.
Additional game content (heroics, and tasks in the stronghold) as well as quests
When you turn in stronghold missions you get XP and shards or vouchers. When you turn in the shards and vouchers to the coffer you earn Guild Marks. Guild Marks can be spent at the Guild Vendors for Guild Only equipment.

How guilds work
The buildings around the stronghold have various functions. Producing material for the coffer and providing boons are the two main functions. Some structures help defend the stronghold against raids. The higher level a structure is the greater the quantity of the benefit that it provides. You can think of a guild as a major campaign.

How you can help
Your guild needs your help to grow. You get out of it what you put into it. The obvious immediate benefit is, the more you donate the more Guild Marks you earn. But, by contributing to the current build goal you help your guild to improve its structures which will provide greater benefits to all guild members.
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Using the Chat Window.

The Casual Adventurer's League has a Discord for voice communication, but some may not be able or may not want to use it. Fortunately Neverwinter provides a chat window (defaulting to the lower left corner of the screen). We can even chat just among Guild or Alliance members.
To start sending messages in game to your fellow Guild members just type "/Guild <message>", where <message> is the message that you want to send. Similarly, To start sending messages in game to other members of our Alliance just type "/Alliance <message>". These commands can be abbreviated to '/g' and '/all', respectively. The default color for Guild and Alliance chat messages is green, although they each have a different shade of green. Remember, NO swearing in Alliance chat!

The default behavior is for the chat window is to disappear after a short time. This can/will mean missing important messages during a group combat event. You can change this default behavior, if you want to be able to see Guild/Alliance messages during events. To change the settings press Escape then press Options. On the Options window go to the Interface tab then press the Chat button. Set the Inactive window opacity to around .40; this will keep the text messages visible, but the window will be translucent.
Also you need to make sure that both the Guild and Alliance channels are displayed. In the upper left corner of the chat window is a gear symbol; click on the gear to open the Chat Channel Configuration window. Under the Chat Window Tabs, Default section make sure that both the Guild and Alliance boxes are checked.

Displaying our Guild Name
Open your character sheet [default press "C"]. Go to the History tab. In the lower part of the top section uncheck "Use Alliance Title".
Displaying our guild name not only helps identify us to each other it also lets fellow Alliance players know that we are from The Casual Adventurer's League.

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