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For those who don't know there is no choice in the first few structures that a guild builds. The Lumberyard must be first, because its Lumber is required to build the Farm and the Lumber and Food are required to improve the Guild Hall to level 2, etc. Maximum structure level is half of the Guild Hall level. To increase the Guild Hall level it requires a number of other structures to be at their maximum level. For example to reach GH level 4 there must be 4 other structures of level 1. After reaching GH level 4 there are more choices available. Our current structures and the planned build order for the immediate future is below.

Current structures:
L5 Guild Hall

L2 Lumber Yard
L1 Farm
L2 Quarry
L2 Mine
L2 Marketplace

Working on:
L1 Stable

Future Plans
L2 Stable (Grants boon: Defense +800)
L6 Guild Hall
L3 Stable
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