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This section is for those new to MMOs in general and Neverwinter in particular. Every MMO adds content from time to time, the new content is known as a module or Mod for short.
Neverwinter is no exception. As of this writing Neverwinter has added 16 mods over 6 years. They plan to continuing to add about two major mods a year, with the possibility of having minor mods as well. I am not going to cover each mod in depth here, this is just to give you a quick idea of what is available. More information on the campaigns (and their included dungeons and skirmishes) will be provided in a future post, I did include the minimum level at which you can start a campaign. I will say that the order of release is NOT the order in which you should do the campaigns. The dates are the release dates on PC.

Initial release of Neverwinter on PC 06/20/2013
  1. Fury of the Feywild 08/22/2013. Included the Drow, Moon Elf and Sun Elf races and the Sharandar Campaign (level 60+)
  2. Shadowmantle 12/05/2013; Included the Ranger class, Artifacts and the Dread Ring Campaign (level 70+).
  3. Curse of Icewind Dale 05/13/2014. Included Black Ice Shaping profession, PvP Campaign and the Icewind Dale Campaign (level 70+).
  4. Tyranny of Dragons 05/19/2014. Included Warlock class, Artifact equipment, Dragonborn race, Draconic heroic encounters and the Tyranny of Dragons Campaign (level 26+).
  5. Rise of Tiamat 11/18/2014. Included Expansion of the Tyranny of Dragons Campaign into the Well of Dragons area. (The Well of Dragons will let you enter at lower level, but you really should be level 70+ with several boons.)
  6. Elemental Evil 04/07/2015. Raised level cap to 70. Included Paladin class, Enchantment and runestone maximum rank increased to 12, Artifact maximum quality increased to mythic and maximum rank increased to 140, Companion maximum quality increased to legendary and maximum rank increased to 40, Elemental Evil Campaign (level 60+)
  7. Strongholds 08/11/2015 Added the VIP program and Strongholds
  8. Underdark 11/17/2015. Added the Underdark Campaign (level 60+)
  9. The Maze Engine 03/15/2016. Added The Maze Engine campaign which is related to the Underdark campaign. (level 60+)
  10. Storm King's Thunder 08/16/23019. Added the Storm King's Thunder Campaign (level 70+ and 15-20 boons)
  11. Sea of Moving Ice 09/28/2016. Added an expansion to Storm King's Thunder Campaign.
  12. The Cloaked Ascendancy 02/21/2017. Added The Cloaked Ascendancy Campaign (level 70+ and 15-20 boons)
  13. Shroud of Souls 04/06/2017. Added loadouts, temporary structures for Guild Strongholds, the Great Hall for Guild Strongholds and an expansion to The Cloaked Ascendancy Campaign
  14. Tomb of Annihilation 07/25/2017. Added the Jungles of Chult Campaign (level 70+ and 20-25 boons)
  15. Swords of Chult 10/24/2017 Added expansion to the Jungles of Chult Campaign.
  16. Lost City of Omu 02/27/2018. Continuation of the Jungles of Chult Campaign.
  17. Ravenloft 06/26/2018. Added the Ravenloft Campaign (level 70+, 25+ boons).
  18. The Heart of Fire 11/06/2018. Included new Profession system, removed the salvage system, added Reward Reroll Tokens, added rough Astral Diamonds to dungeon chests and the Acquisitions Incorporated Campaign.
  19. Undermountain 04/23/2019. Raised level cap to 80. Included simplification of class names, item level scaling, made Power advancement simplier & easier, reworked Powers and stats, added legendary rank for insignias, revised the Companion system (There is now an advantage to having multiple companions of the same type)
  20. Uprising 08/13/2019 New Uprising campaign related to Undermountain (level 80)
  21. Infernal Descent Coming 01/21/2020 Fight in Avernus, the first layer of the 9 Hells.

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