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This thread will provide information on the various campaigns in Neverwinter. I will concentrate on how to start a campaign and what benefits/boons you can get from each campaign. I will not be doing a run through of the maps or details of each campaign you can find that elsewhere on the internet if you want details.

First some general information.
  • Campaigns are a long series of related missions that provide good rewards.
  • All of the campaigns, except the Intro Campaign, have a way for characters to earn boons. Boons are the way to increase the abilities of your character.
  • All campaigns have some sort of campaign "currency" that is used to progress in the campaign and/orbuy items in the campaign store and/or to earn boons.
  • Most campaigns (except Intro and Elemental Evil) have a campaign store. The campaign store can be accessed from a small button in the lower left side of the Campaign Details screen. The campaign store has equipment that is related to the campaign. Most of the (Press ], select the desired campaign, press 'View Campaign' in the lower right) things in the Legacy campaign stores have been superseded by material released in later mods. Some of the Legacy Campaigns have a few things that remain relevant, such as Transmutes and Astral Diamonds.
  • After you have reached level 80 you will get a request to go talk to Sybella Artis. She will have a weekly task to do some mission in a Legacy Campaign. She will pay you well for doing these missions and you earn bonus currency in the Legacy Campaign of your choice! A very good deal so don't forget to pick up these bonus missions.
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Intro Campaign

The Introductory Campaign (AKA Staff of Savras, AKA Benign Order of the Third Eye) becomes available when you reach level 10. You will likely be doing missions in the Tower District when you reach level 10. As soon as you can after reaching level 10 you should head back to Protector's Enclave and talk to Sgt. Knox. He will give you a task to talk to the seer Sybella Artis. Sybella will give you a task that will get the campaign underway. I won't give out any spoilers here, but I will say that the initial task can easily be accomplished while doing you regular missions in the Tower District. Keep checking back in with Sybella as needed and the preliminary tasks will be done by the time you are finished with the first part of Blackdagger Ruins.
The campaign store can be accessed by talking to Sybella Artis; it has several useful items.

*** Spoiler Alert ***

This is a minor spoiler, but the final reward for the Intro Campaign is an Embroidered Bag of Holding (12 inventory slots). There does not seem to be any plans for the game to follow up on the Staff of Savras Clue.
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