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Guild Rules
**We have merged into Mystra's Embrace**

Mission Statement
We are a family-friendly guild in the Free-To-Play, MMORPG, Neverwinter, doing mostly PVE on PC. We want have a welcoming, friendly and helpful environment for casual players of Neverwinter.
Our motto is: Here to help you in Neverwinter.
We are looking to recruit active players to help our guild grow.

***** How to join our guild *****
Send an in-game mail to Vuzlyn@Weh-Wilbar.
We can't be online 24/7, but we can usually get back to you within a day.

No discrimination, including, but not limited to a member's ethnicity, national origin, religion, disability, and age. We are LGBTQ friendly.
Be respectful of others; abuse, threats or insults will not be tolerated.
Avoid discussions of religion or politics. This can lead to arguments and do not belong in the game.
No drama.
Help those who are new to the game.
Do not leave others behind when playing a mission together.
We all have different capabilities, be mindful of this and help others.
Unlike some guilds, we do not have minimum gear or class level requirements to join.
While profanity is allowed in Guild chat and forum posts, please refrain from using excessive profanity since there are younger people in the guild.
No posting pornographic pictures or making obscene posts. If you wouldn't want your 13 year old sister to see it, don't post it. Keep it Kid Sister Safe (KSS).

No selling items or advertising on the guild forums.
Game cheats and exploits are not allowed. Perfect World Entertainment (PWE) can ban players who use cheats and exploits.
Players are required to follow the PWE Terms of Service.
No profane or lewd character names or @ handles.

We are the Casual Adventurers League so we do not require that members be online a certain number of hours a week. We understand that Real Life comes first and has many demands on our time. That said, when you are playing Neverwinter please remember to contribute to the coffer; that will help our guild to advance.
It is expected that you will help your guild-mates during events. People are more important than loot.
Members of the guild are encouraged to recruit new members to the guild. If someone is interested in joining our guild, please have them send in-game e-mail to the guild leader Vuzlyn@Weh-Wilbar. But, please do not spam other players with unwanted invites to our guild.
If you are at least level 10 and want to recruit a new player to the game use the Neverwinter Refer-A-Friend program so that both of you can get cool rewards.
Any times given will be in Eastern US Time Zone (UTD -4/-5).
Communication must be in English.
We have a discord channel to help us coordinate during guild activities. Only the officers are required to have a microphone for voice communication, but it is helpful for everyone to have a microphone.
Promotions are given based on your participation in guild events and donations.
If you have any sort of issue with a member of the guild please do not hesitate to let the Officers/Leaders of the guild know right away; do not stew on it. We are all mature people and will work to resolve any issues as quickly as possible. Everyone should feel free to speak up if there is any incident that makes you uncomfortable.
The guild rules and expectations may be changed after consultation with the officers.